“I like to do everything myself around the house. We had a retaining wall that was falling over and leaking water which I decided to replace myself. As I was searching online, I came across Xpress Engineering. I ordered one of their wood wall designs and it provided all I needed to install a new wall myself! I feel good that it was done right and will last the test of time!”

Junior – Arizona

“Ordering anything online is not something I do that often. I am definitely more old school, but the process was very straightforward on Xpress Engineering. After only a few minutes, I had all the questions answered and the next day I received my retaining wall design!”

Grant – Utah

“As a landscaper, I occasionally need to install a retaining wall. If the retaining wall was to fail, it would not be good for business. Using Xpress Engineering gave me the peace of mind I needed that the wall was constructed correctly.”

S. Young – California

“I am a contractor and needed a retaining wall in a rush. None of the local engineers could help, but through Xpress Engineering I had what I needed the next day! I will definitely use them again.”

Frank – N. Carolina

“We used Xpress Engineering for a concrete block wall in our backyard and I was very happy with how clear the plans were and how easy it was to order the wall design.”

J. Astle – California

“Easy website to use and place the order. I had reached out to multiple engineers with no call backs. Ordering one online was the answer!”

Samantha – Tennessee

“We started to grade our lot for our new home and soon realized we would need a retaining wall. Xpress Engineering was able to provide the design we needed within 24 hours and the contractor did not experience any delays.”

-Sean, Homeowner, North Carolina, US

“During a new residential build, we found that the retaining wall we built was over the 4ft maximum height per the building department. They required us to provide engineer and details for the wall. Xpress Engineering was able to provide what we needed much quicker than any other engineer I have worked with!”

General Contractor, California, US

“Their design was quickly delivered via email and my contractor had no problem following their details to build the wall.”

Sun-Ju, California, US