We’ve all seen beautiful and functional retaining walls, though many are so unobtrusive that they blend into the landscape. This may hide the many functions and benefits of the retaining wall design.

Many property owners build retaining walls for aesthetic reasons. Yet, there are some properties that badly need an appropriate retaining wall designed to protect the land and structures from damage.

How do you know when your property needs a retaining wall?

When Your Property Needs a Retaining Wall

Though most properties will benefit from retaining walls, there are some areas where they are essential

  • Water runoff – you can eliminate the problems of flooding and water damming. Install a retaining wall designed to flatten the surrounding land and manage water drainage
  • Soil erosion – soil erosion is a major problem on sloped properties. Unless you take action to stop the erosion, you will lose significant amounts of soil that could affect the integrity of the structures on your property. Retaining walls deal with erosion by creating flat spaces. The engineer will also consider the lay of the land when planning your retaining wall design to resolve any drainage problems.
  • Make more space – Living spaces are constrained when land slopes steeply. It is difficult to make use of such land even for garden beds or cozy garden corners. Well-placed retaining walls will open up space for garden beds, a small patio, or an extra room. The walls can incorporate features such as steps and benches.

Retaining Wall Designs – Built to Your Requirements

A well-built retaining wall will add value to your property and prevent any further damage. Your retaining wall design is tailored to your needs. You can choose from a wide range of colors and styles. Match your wall to the surrounding landscapes or according to the surrounding structural designs. The choice is yours.

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