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Concrete, Block/CMU, or Wood retaining wall design, calculations & specifications by email within 24 hours (M-F)!

Wood retaining wall


Is Xpress Engineering able to design what you need?

Our standard designs are for retaining walls of up to 8 feet tall, and can include curves or right angles. We include structural calculations specific to your scenario with a typical section of wall with all dimensions, reinforcement, and notes needed to properly construct the wall. Your wall may curve, stop, or even turn 90-degrees, and the typical section will remain consistent.

We include specifications for supporting soil, concrete strength and type, rebar grade and lap criteria, and other important information for constructing the wall.  These are not step by step construction instructions, they are criteria to adhere to for a proper design. The homeowner or contractor must be familiar with retaining wall construction steps.

Please review these limitations below before proceeding:

If any of the following are applicable to your situation, unfortunately, we will not be able to provide a design within 24 hours (M-F) through this website. But don’t lose hope! We may still be able to provide a wall design for your project. Please email us at listing any items from below which are applicable to your situation.

  • You have been provided a Geotechnical (Soils) Report for your specific project.
  • You can see significant cracking or previous movement in slabs and/or foundations close to where the wall is to be installed.
  • You need a wall over 8 feet tall.
  • You will be supporting a building structure on top of the retaining wall.
  • You will be building the wall very close to a building.
  • You will be building this wall parallel and adjacent to a public roadway or highway.
  • This is the first retaining wall you or your contractor has ever built

If none of these are applicable, we can provide a design within 24 hours!

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