Retaining walls are often used in landscaping and aesthetic projects. Yet they can also provide structural improvements to a construction project. Retaining walls made from concrete masonry units or CMU retaining walls are relatively easy to install.

They’re inexpensive, strong and durable and they can make all the difference when it comes to preparing the property for a building project. Here’s how cinder block retaining walls can enhance your building project.

Creating Flat Areas with Cinder Block Retaining Walls

Are you sub-optimizing your land use? Steep inclines are of little use. Though you can build on a slope, the slope brings complications that will add to the construction complexity and cost. Slopes levelled with a CMU retaining wall free up more living space whether you build on the levelled land or not. Use the levelled surfaces for parking, gardens, a patio, and so much more.

Preventing Soil Erosion with CMU Retaining Walls

Every building needs a stable foundation. Retaining walls prevent soil erosion, to ensure a stable grounding for your building. Soil erosion can expose foundations over time, weakening them. Damaged foundations will affect the building’s structural integrity and could create unsafe conditions.

Improved Water Drainage

Water is destructive and can cause some of the worst structural damage. It rusts steel, rots wood and erodes stone and cement. A carefully placed CMU retaining wall can direct the water away from your building and prevent flooding.

Cinderblock retaining walls contain weep holes or drainage pipes behind the walls. This ensures that the water can seep out without causing damage.

CMU Retaining Walls Add More than Sheer Good Looks

If you’re building a new home or an extension of your current home, consider how a cinder block retaining wall could add more than just aesthetic value to your project. Building a retaining wall could make all the difference. Xpress Engineering can help you with quick and inexpensive engineering designs for retaining walls.